The Temple of Horus at Edfu, Egypt

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Genesis written  on the temple walls at Edfu

The Messianic Temple
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Horus the Messiah
The Falcon headed Horus, the solar Messiah
Shall bruise thy head
Genesis 3:15
He shall bruise they head

  My decoding of the Edfu temple inscriptions is explicitly through a Biblical and Spiritual understanding. Early Jewish Writings are also a key to unraveling these ancient mysteries. What is significant about this approach is the correlation of the Edfu texts and the Genesis story. The deeper I go the stronger the correlation. I now firmly believe the Edfu Texts can provide more details towards understanding the Biblical Genesis. It is the sacred book handed down from Shem and Ham. It describes God (Great One), Messiah (Horus), the Holy Spirit (Flying Ba), the creation of the universe (First Occasion), the levels (dimensions) of Heaven and Earth Djeba ,Wetjeset-Neter, Hinterland of waret,  Păylands),

  Adam and Eve (Wa and Aa), Satan (the evil snake and chief enemy of God), the fall of Adam (the fall of the Sound Eye), the Patriarchs (Shebtiw),  Noah’s family (Ogdoad), Noah’s flood (Primeval waters mw-wtr) and the rebuilding of the world after the primeval waters receded.
  My primary resources for the inscriptions were "Mythical Origin of the Egyptian Temple" by Egyptologist Eve Reymond, "Image of the World and Symbol of the Creator" by Ragnhild Bjerre Finnestad, ""The Myth of Horus at Edfu" A.M. Blackman, H.W. Fairman and "The Temple of Eduf" by Dieter Kurth. As mentioned, my Biblical interpretations vary widely from these authors who do not believe in the Bible.
 Below is a summary of the Edfu text characters and places in the cosmogonical record.  You can literally read the "Mythical Origin of the Egyptian Temple” and replace each temple character or place with my suggested substitute and it makes complete Biblical sense.

Re (Alternately spelled Ra), Heter-her and Ptah are God, the Creator of heaven and earth.
Wa, Tanen, Atum, Ka, the First Ancestor, are all Adam.
Aa is Eve.
The Falcon Horus or the Winged One is Christ.
Thoth is Enoch.
Island of the Egg is the original place of creation containing the Wetjeset-Neter and Djeba domains.
Island of Trampling is the Island of the Egg renamed after the battle with the snake.
Shebtiw are the Adamic Patriarchs, Adam through Noah, it consisted of both the Great and Little Ennead.
The Great Ennead is the Patriarchs before the floodTemple of Horus Inscriptions.
The little Ennead, the Ogdoad, is Noah’s family who survived the flood.
The Company of Tanen/Atum consisted of all the Patriarchs (Shebtiw), Angels and Heavenly Hosts who  assisted them.
Djeba is Paradise, the Garden of Eden.
Wejeset-Neter is the world Adam and Eve were condemned to live, our present reality (Domain).
The Snake Apep is the Devil, Satan.
The Sebau are the Nephilim and their monstrous creations, enemies of God.
The Păylands are the lands which emerged from the primeval flood.
Hinterland of Waret is the levels of Heaven.
 Both the Djeba (Paradise) and Wetjest-Neter (our reality) domains existed within the Island of the Egg, later called Island of Trampling after the battle with the snake. The Creator (Great One) cleansed the world with a primeval flood and the Păylands emerged when the waters abated. It is our existing world which was exposed    when the Noahic flood waters abated. It is our present reality, the Wetjest-Neter domain. Wa and Aa were expelled from the Djeba domain (Paradise) based upon their own actions. Does this sound familiar?


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